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Feel free to reach us through the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources Unified Call Center: 600525524 or via the link below:

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What is "Jahiz"?

How can I register on "Jahiz"?

Who can access "Jahiz"?

What type of training programs does "Jahiz" provide?

Do I have to pay for the available training programs?

How can I obtain the digital completion certificate?

What subjects are covered on "Jahiz"?

What are the official communication channels for "Jahiz"?

How can I obtain a Future Skills Wallet?

How can I obtain my skill badges?

I tried to register but I did not receive a confirmation email? How can I complete the process?

What are the languages used in Jahiz?

Can I watch the livestreaming of masterclasses at a later time?

Are there sign language courses for People of Determination?

Is there a special user profile in which the completed modules are saved?

Can I register for group courses?